Tuesday Bible Study at 7:15 p.m.

Tuesday evening Bible study at Coffman Union, Room #304, #324, or #325 (they're all close - our reservations just vary from week to week) 
on U of M - Mpls campus

“A Bible Study on the Life of Joseph - God will Give You the Answer”
Lesson 1: With Family - September 5 @ 7:15pm in Coffman #324

Lesson 2: When Dealing with Temptation - September 12 @ 7:15pm in Coffman #304

Lesson 3: When Dealing with Hardship - September 19 @ 7:15pm in Coffman #TBD

Lesson 4: When Dealing with Responsibility - September 26 @ 7:15pm in Coffman #304
Join us as we examine God's grace as we open up and study the life of Joseph.  We will examine the topics above (plus any other questions that come up during the study).